• TSC-3000 Sure-Lite Dock Traffic Control LED Lights
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TSC-3000 Sure-Lite Dock Traffic Control LED Lights

The Sure-Lite is an unrivaled, low cost alternative to maintain communication between truck drivers and loading dock attendants. The red and green LED lights are instantly understood as "Stop" and "Go", providing clear signals to dock attendants inside the building and truck drivers outside the building. Units Consist of a ½” thick, black, stress relieved, sanitized HDP (High Density Polyethylene) panel core with all Non-glare LED lights which have a 30º viewing angle, making them highly visible day or night. Recessed lights on the panel face make the lights virtually indestructible, and the low profile panel design ensures impact resistance. Exterior LED Traffic Lights and Interior LED Traffic Lights sold separately. Caution Warning Signs also available.

Product Features :
Control entry to parking garages, loading dock areas and drive-thru.
Parking lot entrances and exits or any high traffic areas.
Guide trucks backing into loading docks.
Warn workers and drivers of hazardous situations.

Order Information

Part# 60-5411-C
TCS-3000 Sure-Lite Exterior
Exterior 12-24V Single Phase

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Part# 60-5412-C
TCS-3000 Sure-Lite Interior
Interior 12-24V Single Phase 

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Part# 60-5433-C
Outside Warning Sign Only
Outside Warning Sign 

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Part# 60-5432-C
Inside Warning Sign Only
Inside Warning Sign 

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Part# 60-5431-C
Inside & Outside Warning Signs
Inside & Outside Warning Signs

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