• Start-Manager Operator Access Control System
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Start-Manager Operator Access Control System

Control who has access to your forklifts and machinery with Start-Manager’s dual function access control devices. All models can be activated with a 4-digit key code or 125 kHz proximity card or key-fob. These rugged units are weather proof, dust proof and vandal proof, and are built for the toughest industrial applications. The SM201 and SM301 units feature a daily operator safety check to be completed at the start of each shift. The SM301 unit includes an integrated Wi-Fi transceiver to allow for web-based data tracking for all trucks equipped with this model.  Every model includes (2) per-programmed key-fobs and extra key-fobs are available.  The Cold Storage Package option protects units from condensation in freezer applications.

Product Features :
1 year warranty
12-48V built-in voltage converter
16-key stainless steel keypad
After a failed safety, choose whether or not the vehicle can start (SM201/SM301 models)
Easy to program and remove codes or cards
Includes (2) pre-programmed key-fobs
Includes vehicle start and stop buttons
Indestructible rubberized nylon housing
Information can be easily retrieved via your existing WiFi network (SM301 model)
Information is collected: Vehicle number, current hours, operator number, time safety check was started, time check was completed, all failed checks (SM201/SM301 models)
Last Operator search feature (for accident ID)
OLED white on black graphic display (SM201/SM301 models)
OSHA/MOL compliant daily safety check feature (SM201/SM301 models)
Storage for up to 100 proximity card numbers
Storage for up to 250 4-digit key codes
Vehicle hour meter, ID number, date and time (SM201/SM301 models)
Vehicle will not start until safety check is completed (SM201/SM301 models)
Manual operator sign off (SM201 model)

Order Information

Part# SM301-A
Start-Manager Model SM301
Dual Access Control with Daily Safety Check - Wireless

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Part# SM201-A
Start-Manager Model SM201
Dual Access Control with Daily Safety Check - Manual

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Part# SM101-A
Start-Manager Model SM101
Dual Function Vehicle Access Control

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Start-Manager Compact Footprint Mounting Bracket
Standard Mounting Bracket Option

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Start-Manager 125 kHz Programmable Key-Fob
Extra Key-Fob

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Start-Manager Cold Storage Package
Cold Storage Package Option

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