• Eco Blue Light
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Eco Blue Light

The Eco Blue Light provides an economical solution to alert pedestrians of oncoming forklifts. This blue light shines a bright blue spot on the floor warning pedestrians of forklifts approaching from blind corners or trailers.  Each Eco Blue Light comes complete with a mounting bracket for easy installation and can be mounted on either the front or back of the forklift.  Eco Red Light also available.

Product Features :
2 x 5 Watt LED's
50,000 Hour Life Rating
600 Lumens
9 - 60V
Aluminum Heat Sink Housing
Available in Blue or Red
CE Rated
IP 67 Rating
Waterproof, Dustproof, Shock Resistant
Lifetime Warranty

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Part# EBL-H
Eco Blue Light
Warning Spotlight

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Part# ERL-H
Eco Red Light
Warning Spotlight

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Magnetic Mount Option
100 lbs Test Magnet

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