• Drum Grippers for 55 Gallon Steel Drums
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Drum Grippers for 55 Gallon Steel Drums

The Drum Gripper makes it easy to pick up one or two steel drums without leaving the seat of the lift truck. Simply slip the forks into the fork pockets and the Drum Gripper is ready to go. The knuckle gripping system is lowered around the drum, gripped tightly, and then lifted into the air. Drum is automatically released by lowering the forks. All models feature hinged folding design for storage. These models are designed to handle standard 55 gallon steel drums only. Welded steel construction. Powder coat finish

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Part# DGS-55-D-A
Drum Gripper - Single
Single 55 Gallon Drum

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Part# DGD-55-D-A
Drum Gripper - Dual
Dual 55 Gallon Drum

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