Speed-Saver Automatic Speed Controller System

  • $1,995.00 / Day

The Speed-Saver limits the speed an operator can travel on a forklift thereby promoting safety in the workplace. The Speed-Saver can be installed on any lift truck with mechanical throttle types or electronic throttle types also known as a “Fly By Wire” throttle. Throttle type as well as make & model of the lift truck must be specified before ordering to minimize modifications and ensure easier installation for technicians.

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Product Features :
Automatically controls the vehicle speed without reducing performance of hydraulics
Installs on any gas, LPG or diesel powered vehicle including those with “fly by wire” throttles
Engine RPM is only controlled when vehicle is traveling OVER the preset speed limit
Has NO effect on performance of new electronically controlled engine systems

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Speed-Saver Automatic

Speed-Saver Mechanical Throttle, Speed-Saver "Fly By Wire" Throttle

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