Soft Core Air-Cell Tire Insert

  • $490.00$1,820.00 / Day

The Soft Core Tire Inserts are premanufactured cellular rubber layers that are inserted into the forklift tire. The Soft Core Air-Cells flex with a tires load to absorb shock, providing an air-like ride for machinery and operator. It provides the stability of a solid tire with the ride of a pneumatic tire. Pricing includes high quality tire and Soft Core Insert.  Call for quote on forklift tire sizes not listed.

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Product Features:
  • Allows for a more stable forklift compared to solid filled tires
  • Allows for traction similar to air filled tires
  • Can last up to twice as long as solid filled tires
  • Enables a softer ride compared to solid filled tires
  • In most cases the Soft Core can be reused

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