Safe-Weigh Forklift Hydraulic Scale System

  • $2,750.00 / Day

The Safe-Weigh forklift scale is an on-board weighing system designed to give high accuracy at a budget price. This microprocessor based weight system is connected to the hydraulic lifting system on lift trucks or similar machines. A load can be placed on the forklift and can be accurately weighed by measuring the hydraulic pressure. Accuracy is + or – 1% of the lift truck rated capacity. Designed for heavy industrial use, the forklift can weigh a load in less than 15 seconds. This will ensure your shipments will not exceed trailer capacity, waybills match actual weight, lift truck capacity is not exceeded, or material inventory matches actual weight. Once you use the Safe-Weigh you will wonder how you managed without it. 12 – 48V Operating Voltage (No DC-DC converter is required for 24V – 48V electric lift trucks).

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Product Features:
  • Easy to read, user friendly
  • Tare Weight (zero out container weight)
  • Total Weight (totals the weight of many pallets)
  • Over Weight Alarm if load exceeds lift truck capacity
  • Accurate to +/- 1% of the lift truck capacity
  • Designed for heavy industrial use
  • Easy Installation
  • Not legal for trade
  • External On/Off Switch
  • Programable Capacity & Weighing Increments
  • Select Between lbs or kg
  • Maximum Capacity of 99,999 lbs
  • 12 month warrantee on components
  • 12 – 48V Operating Voltage


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