Overhead Door 2-Way Traffic Warning System

  • $115.00$1,060.00 / Day

The Overhead Door Warning System alerts forklift operators and individuals in a two way traffic pattern of potentially dangerous traffic coming through strip doors, high speed doors, and pass through openings.  Before passing through, the sensor(s) detect motion on one side and activate the light on the opposite side, alerting pedestrians and forklift operators.  Overhead models with multiple sensors help protect high traffic areas that may consist of either temporary or permanent obstructions which block the view of approaching traffic.  All Overhead Door models include a 25′ power cable.  Optional Audible Alarm and Pulsating Red Burst of Light under main box available.

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Overhead Door 2-Way

Overhead Door 4 (2) Double Light Boxes with (4) Sensors, Overhead Door 3 (1) Single Light Box, (1) Double Light Box with (3) Sensors, Overhead Door 2 (2) Single Light Boxes with (2) Sensors, Overhead Door Basic – Double Double Light Box with (1) Sensor, Overhead Door Basic – Single Single Light Box with (1) Sensor, Audible Alarm Option 88 dB Alarm, Pulsating Red Burst of Light Option Red Burst Under Overhead Door System

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