Lift Truck Log Daily Operator Inspection System

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OSHA requires that all forklifts be inspected before the beginning of each shift. The Lift Truck Log provides 624 daily forklift checklists (over 2-years) in one complete kit. If the truck requires maintenance there is a Forklift Repair Request Form that can be filled out to alerts management of the mechanical failure. All information in stored in the Log to keep a history of the mechanical condition of the truck. In the event that the forklift does not pass inspection the Lift Truck Log contains a lock-out tag to tag-out the equipment for safety. 

Available in English or Spanish: IC Counterbalance, Electric Counterbalance, Electric Pallet Truck and Reach Truck inspection forms.

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Product Features:
  • Daily Check Lists – 624
  • Repair Request Forms – 24
  • Accident Report Forms – 4
  • Near-miss Report Forms – 4
  • Lock-out Tag (required if truck unsafe to operate)
  • PM Tracking History – 36 Events (know when to service each lift truck)
  • Poly Plastic Case
  • Coil Pen
  • Lock-out Tag-out Tag with pull strap
  • Highly Durable and Visible Storage Case


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