Forklift Roger Radio – MURS 2-Way Mobile Radio

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Finally, a 2-way radio specifically designed for a forklift.  The Forklift Roger Radio is always on, is secured to the forklift and is License Free. The 2-way communication increases safety, productivity and efficiency in a warehouse or office setting and reduces pedestrian traffic around forklifts.  Handheld Walkie Talkie models that work together with the radios are available for pedestrians.

Notify forklift operators instantly to get quick response times
Reduce pedestrian foot traffic in a warehouse operation
Reduce excessive traveling on the forklift
Quickly find product
No interference with other long-range radio signals
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Product Features:
  • 12V DC powered
  • 5 channels available
  • Range: approximately 1 – 2 miles line of sight
  • Operating temperature -5 – 140 degrees F
  • No license required, uses MURS 2-Watt frequencies
  • Instant power on when the forklift is started
  • Antenna is attached to the radio
  • Radio mounting bracket included
  • Includes separate microphone with magnetic hook to mount on overhead guard
  • Optional 110V AC adapter available for office applications
  • Optional DC – DC converter available for 24 – 48V electric forklifts
  • Walkie Talkie model includes convenient belt clip for carrying

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