Fit Height Awareness Warning System

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The Fit Height Awareness Warning System alerts forklift operators of overhead obstacles or walls that may be in the line of an elevated mast or load.  When the sensor beams are broken, the “Fit” lights and audible alarm continuously alert the operator to potential danger.  The sensors are mounted at a recommended distance of 10′ – 15′ away from any doorway walls or obstacles that can potentially be struck by elevated loads.  AC Power cord lengths are provided for each sensor in the Fit Package, and the Selectable Audible Alarm produces 82 – 100dB with the choice of (32) different tones.  Sensor models are available for 70′, 130′ and 200′ distance applications.  Multiple Sensor Set models are available for detection from opposite sides of an obstacle or from multiple doorway openings.

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Product Applications:
  • Sprinkler systems above racks
  • Overhead heaters
  • Overhead lights
  • Overhead storage
  • Ceiling fans
  • Air handlers
  • Loading dock awnings
  • Industrial canopies
  • Overhead bridge cranes
  • Interior doorways
  • Parking Garages

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