Cap-Off Battery Cap Removal Tool

  • $18.00 / Day

Battery maintenance has just gotten easier and safer with the innovative Cap-off Battery Cap Removal Tool. Simply place the battery tool on the battery cap, and twist cap off with little effort. Your hands never touch the battery cap as the cap stays inside the battery removal tool until it is placed back on the battery and tightened. This allows for safe and efficient battery maintenance. This battery tool is designed to work with all industrial batteries such as a forklift battery, lift truck battery, aerial work platform battery, sweeper battery and golf cart battery. The Cap-off is made of durable polyethylene plastic and has a tether strap to attach directly to the battery for convenience.

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Product Features:
  • Removes all types of battery caps quickly and easily
  • Eliminates hand contact with acid soiled caps
  • The ergonomic solution to check water levels in your battery
  • Holds battery cap in removal tool for quick re-installation


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