Bat Sonar Proximity Alert System

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Alert your forklift operators of nearby pedestrians and obstacles when traveling in reverse with the Bat Sonar Proximity Alert System. The Bat Sonar is available in a camera and 7” monitor model that produces a visual and audible alarm or a speaker only model that produces an audible alert for the operator. Each system includes two sensors with magnets and additional sensors are available (accommodates up to four sensors).

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Product Features :

1 year warranty

12 – 55V Operating Voltage

Accommodates up to four sensors

Anti-jamming housing design with anti-interference properties

Audible alarm intensifies as pedestrian or object nears

Detection angle approximately 70 degrees for each sensor

Detection range begins at 4 feet

High Sensitivity Digital Radar produces low false alarm rate

Includes 20 feet of plastic cable sleeve

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Bat Sonar Proximity Alert

Bat Sonar Proximity Alert System Camera with 7" Display Model, Bat Sonar Proximity Alert System Speaker Only Model, Additional Bat Sonar Sensor with Magnet Extra Sensor

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