All-Krete Concrete Repair

  • $275.00 / Day

All-Krete is a multi-use, easy-to-use concrete repair product designed for one-step permanent concrete repair. All-Krete quickly repairs potholes, joints, cracks and does not require any special preparation work or priming. An All-Krete applied pathway can be opened to all forms of traffic within one hour (even in sub-zero environments), avoiding expensive shutdowns.

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Product Features :
Cures at room temperature in 15 minutes
Cures BELOW ZERO (0°) in 1 hour
Won’t shrink or peel back
No heat systems or lamps required
Use on dry or damp floors
Excellent on expansion joints
From 12” deep to feather-edging at 1/16”
Eliminates costly shutdown time
Permanent concrete repair
Ready to pour, rubberized liquid Comes in 50 lb. pail, covers 60 sq. ft.

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All-Krete Concrete Repair

All-Krete Concrete Repair

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