Accu-Tilt – Fork Tilt Level Indicator for Lift Trucks

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Accu-Tilt is a fork tilt level indicator that is made for all makes and models of lift trucks.The incorrect tilt angle of a lift trucks forks is the leading cause of both racking and product damage. Even the most experienced operator has difficulty judging the tilt of the forks when they are entering pallets high on the rack.


The Accu-Tilt shows the operator the level of the forks at all times thereby reducing potential damage by piercing product or racking and increasing productivity by eliminating the guess work. Additionally, the Accu-Tilt will also indicate to the operator the correct fork angle to travel with a load as well as parking the lift truck. Reduce product damage, reduce rack damage, reduce pallet damage and increase productivity. The Accu-Tilt installs in less than one minute. Also available with the Accu-Height option that tells operators the height of the forks in addition to the tilt.

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Product Features :

Easy Installation

Increased Productivity

Reduce pallet damage

Reduce product damage

Reduce rack damage

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Accu-Tilt - Fork Tilt Level

Accu-Tilt Fork Tilt Level Indicator, Accu-Tilt Fork Tilt Level Indicator Accu-Tilt with Accu-Height Option

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