Order Picker 3,000 Lbs. Lifting Capacity

Order Picker 3,000 Lbs. Lifting Capacity

With the ever-increasing market need for a comfortable, efficient and economical way to pick cases up to 25 feet, Toyota expands its Order Picker line-up with the 7BPUE15 model. Separately Excited (SepEx®) drive motor and transistor control technology combined with an ergonomic design deliver a cost-effective solution for the customer’s Order Picking needs.

  • Spacious Operator Compartment with 7 3/4″ low platform height eases frequent entry and exit during the work shift for reduced body fatigue.
  • Bubble-Cushioned Floor Mat is designed to reduce the effects of vibration and standing stresses to limit body fatigue.
  • Low-Effort Flush-Mounted Brake Pedal allows increased freedom of movement for greater operator comfort.
  • Anti-Rattle Mast Staging with cushioned mast stops provide smooth lifting and lowering for confident load handling.
  • Clipboard and Work Material Storage Areas provide a convenient, easy-to-rich, mobile workstation for added operator convenience.
  • AC Powered System delivers precise speed and torque control loaded or unloaded.
  • AC Hydraulic Control System provides fully variable lift/lower control for fast, efficient and smooth operation.
  • Multifunction Control Handle allows single-handed control of travel, lift/lower, tilt, reach/retract (including high speed), horn and optional sideshifter for simplified operation.
  • Electronic Power Steering provides quiet, effortless and responsive operation for precise maneuverability.
  • Power-Up and Run Diagnostics speed up troubleshooting by checking and monitoring critical functions in order to maximize uptime.
  • Power Unit Tractor Cover is easily removed to provide access to major components, reducing service time during inspection and maintenance.
  • Fewer Components lead to simpler troubleshooting, resulting in reduced down-time and operating costs.
  • Electrical and Hydraulic Components have been logically seperated to prevent contamination of electrical parts from hydraulic parts for reduced maintenance costs.
  • Lift-Out Battery Gate and Corrosion Resistant Rollers allow easy battery removal from both sides of the unit for faster replacement and service.
  • UL-E Approved to meet specific environmental conditions.
  • Regenerative Braking improves overall efficiency while extending motor brush and component life.
  • Solid State Limit Switches provide improved reliability and increased component life.
  • Mast Tie-Beam has been designed to provide maximum torsional rigidity and stability for improved operator confidence at elevated heights.
  • Electronic Disc Brake provides efficient braking power when the pedal is released.

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