Forklift Operator Training

Forklift Operator Training

This course is designed for individuals with or without lift truck operational experience. This program will be specifically geared to your application and equipment, and will enhance and revive your operators' awareness of safe lift truck operation. Operators are given a written test and a hands-on evaluation. Upon successful completion of the theoretical and practical evaluations, a wallet card and all necessary paperwork for company records for each participant will be issued as proof of training.

Note: Our courses are designed for any Make or Model of forklift lift trucks you may have in your facility.

Course Content:


  • Causes of accidents
  • Safety awareness
  • Relevant OSHA regulations
  • Types of trucks
  • Stability principles
  • Load centers
  • Attachments
  • Power sources
  • (battery & power)
  • Pre-shift inspections
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Written test


  • Pre-shift inspection
  • Battery charging & maintenance/propane exchange
  • Relevant OSHA regulations
  • Maneuvering
  • Stacking/un-stacking
  • Load centers
  • Load handling
  • Dock safety
  • Parking / shut-down

Forklift Train-the-Trainer

This course is geared to provide your company with trainers who will have both factual knowledge as well as the ability to present the appropriate material to your operators. There is an explanation of mandatory training topics, liability, documentation, evaluation and practical hands on training, to ensure that the trainers understand relevant evaluation points. This class includes a Reference Manual, a workbook for trainers, sample documentation forms, and a certificate. This course can either be held on-site at your location, or at our Training Center. Upon successful completion of this program a wall certificate and all necessary paperwork for company records for each participant will be issued as proof of training. The powered industrial lift truck Train-the-Trainer program has been developed for individuals with experience and knowledge on the lifting equipment employed at their location. Upon successful completion of this course, attendees will return to their workplace qualified to train, evaluate and certify all other employees assigned to operate forklift at their place of business.


Course Content:


  • Safety & responsibilities of a forklift trainer
  • OSHA regulations & ANSI/ASME standards
  • Compliance requirements
  • Minimum requirements of a training program
  • Qualities of an effective trainer
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Stability factors
  • Load centres
  • Attachments
  • Pre-Shift Inspections
  • Battery safety
  • Propane Safety
  • Safe operating procedures

The following topics will be covered during the class

  • The Benefits of Forklift Operator Training
  • Developing an Effective Training Program
  • State Specific Regulations included
  • Employer Responsibility & Liability
  • Additional Standards (ANSI, DOT, NFPA)
  • OSHA LiftTruck Laws & Penalties (State Specific Regulations included)
  • Truck Properties & Loads
  • Data Plates & Decals
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Safe Operating Practices & Rules
  • Propane, Diesel & Gasoline Safety
  • Battery Safety & Maintenance
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Training & Maintenance Documentation

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