7 Series Electric Stand-Up Rider Truck 3,000-4,000 Lbs Lifting Capacity

7 Series Electric Stand-Up Rider Truck 3,000-4,000 Lbs Lifting Capacity

Toyota’s 7-Series Electric Stand-Up Rider Truck features rugged construction, advanced technology and an ergonomic design for optimum performance and value.

    • 3,000-4,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • Bubble mat padding with sloped floorboard absorbs vibration to reduce operator fatigue
  • Spacious operator compartment with 8″ low step height eases frequent entry and exit during the work shift for reduced body fatigue
  • Cushioned backrest, armrest and floormat are designed to limit fatigue and keep operators productive
  • Polyurethane steer tires absorb vibration and shocks caused by uneven floors to allow for smooth traveling
  • Self-diagnostics help maximize uptime by checking critical functions at start up
  • Built-in analyzer simplifies troubleshooting by eliminating the need for an external hand-held analyzer
  • One-piece top cover provides easy access to major components to reduce service time during inspection and maintenance
  • No directional contactors reduce routine maintenance and inspection time
  • Toyota SAS monitors key forklift operations, detecting and counteracting instability to help reduce the risk of tipovers
  • When it senses instability, the Active Control Rear Stabilizer locks the rear axle to help prevent lateral tipovers
  • Active Mast Function Controller senses and controls mast angle and rear tilt speed according to the load’s height and weight
  • Rugged chassis and mast designed to exceed the demands of your workplace.
  • Brush wear indicators provide early detection of service requirements to reduce maintenance costs
  • Regenerative braking improves overall efficiency and prolongs brake component life
  • Large diameter drive tires enable the truck to withstand continuous impact between dock plates and trailers
  • Separately Excited drive motors provide excellent acceleration and top travel speed loaded or unloaded
    Separately Excited Transistor Control System with MOSFET delivers smooth speed control for precise positioning of the truck
    Multifunction control handle allows single-handed control of travel, lift/lower, tilt, horn and optional sideshifter for simplified operation
    Drive motor position hold with stall protection maintains the lift truck’s position on an inclined surface for maximum control
    Power hook up for onboard terminal allows for utilization of electronic devices while operating the truck

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